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We do full retail, out of state transfers, private party transfers and consignments. We are linked with some of  the biggest distributors in the Country. We can get you what you want. Please add 8% tax and $ 25 for DROS for Out the Door Pricing. Please note that Single Shot Exemption has ended as of December 31st and for those who are buying in the state of California we can now ONLY RECEIVE and ORDER what is on CALIFORNIA APPROVED LIST OF HANDGUNS. To see if the gun is on list please check For those buying out of state please contact us.  Also as of January 1st according to DOJ you now need a Firearms Safety Card to purchase a long gun (shotgun, rifle, ect.) We will be administering the test on site. This test is good for 5 years. In regards to the HSC (handgun safety card) it is still acceptable till it expires to buy handguns only.
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Headhunters Firearms Classic Series 7.62x39 458 Socom Collapsible Stock
Our Price: $1,399.00
458 Socom Collapsible Stock
Our Price: $1,999.00
458 Socom A2 Stock M25 "White Feather" Tactical
458 Socom A2 Stock
Our Price: $1,999.00
M25 "White Feather" Tactical
Our Price: $6,000.00