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We are confident in Cerakote firearm coatings and professional coating experience. We guarantee that our company will exceed your expectations above and beyond any firearms coating needs. Most of our competitors do not offer a guarantee, yet we do.

At Headhunters Firearms, our guarantee/warranty is simple. We will refinish any of our work that is returned as a defect in our workmanship, i.e., chipping, rusting, corrosion, discoloration, etc. We will also honor in coating defects due our coating manufacturer’s materials.

Our guarantee does not include abuse (intentional or unintentional) of your weapon, lack of ordinary prudent maintenance, intentional misuse of the weapon or any other cause of defect due the customer’s care and/or use of his/her weapon.

This guarantee pertains to only the customer, as long as he/she owns the gun. This is not a lifetime guarantee but we promise to treat you fairly to ensure you will always be one of our most valued repeat customers. Even if a defect is not a fault of our workmanship, we will always work with your make sure that you are satisfied with our services.