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For all your Gunsmithing needs...

We will repair, restore, and customize your firearms, performing anything from a deep clean to re-coating.

Firearms Cleaning:

  • Detail CleaningA more thorough tear-down of your pistol or long gun. This is the perfect option for those who want an absolutely spotless gun. $45 for pistols and $55 for long guns.

Machine Work or Gunsmithing:

Modifications and Parts Installs

The AR is arguably the most popular modern sporting rifle platform on the market today and can be highly customized to meet the needs of any shooter. If you own an AR-style rifle and are looking to swap out furniture like the butt-stock, fore-end, pistol grip, sights, or sling mounts, we can help!

Our expert gunsmiths will be able to outfit your AR or any gun with all of the custom accessories you desire to help turn your rifle into a one of a kind, tactical weapon. If you’re looking for a full-build for your AR rifle, we’ll be able to accommodate just about any request – from mild to wild!

  • Bench Time Labor - $35 for the first ½ hour, and $30 for each additional ½ hour.
  • Machine Time Labor - $95 for the first ½ hour, $45 for each additional ½ hour.

We Also Specialize In:

  • Sight Installations – We’ll install new sights that can help you achieve a better sight picture and more accurate results. Starting at $65.00 for Front and Rear
  • Shotgun Builds – Whether you’re looking to create the ultimate tactical shotgun or simply want to outfit your hunting gun, we’ll build the perfect shotgun for your needs.
  • Trigger Installations – We’ll deliver a trigger installation/modification that will squeeze every ounce of accuracy out of your weapon. Starting at $65.00
  • Stock Installation – From the latest in tactical carbine stocks to classic polished wood rifle stocks, we’ll properly fit and install the perfect stock for your gun.